Sunday, August 28, 2016

Volleyball - My Favourite Sports

One of my favourite sports is volleyball. For today, i will just share about how volleyball punishes selfishness. 
How does it do that? In volleyball, a team loses a point if the ball hits the ground on their side of the court. Each side of the court is roughly thirty feet by thirty feet and each team consists of six people. This is a reasonably small area for that many players to be at the same time. Compared to soccer or even basketball, it’s very crowded. Keeping the ball in the air is hard enough but if a selfish teammate tries to wander into someone else’s area to hit the ball, it almost always ends badly. The first problem is that there usually isn’t enough time or space for the person being encroached upon to get out of the way. Even if they are able to skedaddle and the poacher hits the ball, he or she is usually out of position to respond to the next hit for the other team. 
In this way, volleyball teaches great lessons about teamwork and… revenge. All in all, you just need to respect other team mates regardless of how the skill, ability, experience and just embrace the game. Mutual trust very important to keep the volleyball spirit alive throughout the game. You just do your thing, trust others and embrace the game. 

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