Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet My New Riki

Last Thursday my frens (Fakry and Jalil) and I went to a downtown bazaar located in front the Mines (they feel bored cuz their TV broke down so they're goin out - its highly unlikely to see them going out for leisure at night.. :P). Mines downtown, is just another downtown but with quite a few eye-candies (*wink wink*) , an Outdoor Gear Shop (like!) and surprisingly a few booth selling pets.

I never adopted any pet before and I dun really have any intention to do so even though I do love animals like cats and dogs (cuz i find them cute). As we were passing by a pet booth, there is 1 container that attracted my attention. It was fulled of sea shell so I had a peek and it turns out to be hermit crab! (i dunno hermit can be made pet, i thought they are just ignored by the seashore or worse case, be collected to be eaten.. hahaha). I saw the 'kakak' managing the booth is holding 1 hermit on her palm and rubbing its leg. Wow, that's real cool! At first, I was afraid to hold it on my hand as its still a crab and it does has pincher. The lady said it wont pinch and encourage me to hold it, and so i did! When I hold the shell to lift it up onto my hand, the hermit hide inside the shell, but once I put it on my palm, it did come out and its not shy at all, mebe a bit cautious. (well of course, imagine urself on a giant's hand, i guess u will be running away or at least hide urself too rite?).

Then we went back and i cant keep my mind out of the cuteness of a hermit crab (honestly i wud prefer a dog in term of cuteness - which is prohibited - but this hermit crab is inviting enough for me to even consider myself to adopt a pet). So on Saturday nite, Jalil and I went back to the downtown. This time, I got myself one hermit crab (i cant believe i already have the name before i even bought it! *faint*). This time, I only bought him a small mobile pet container without anything else.

On Sunday, Jalil and I went to Jalan Pasar to buy the pebbles and driftwood for its crabitat (crabbers call the place they put the hermit 'crabitat'). I bought a 2-feet sized aquarium as the container. So I officially got myself a pet now. I hope that i can take care of him very well and have been doing a lot of research towards that. I need to get water container for him (1 fresh water and 1 salted water), a few more drift wood (as hermits love to climb on them), sand or coral sand (for them to bury themselves in).

Oh btw, my hermit's name is Riki. So far I only give him green apple, but from what i've read, hermit can eat various stuff such as banana, papaya, peanut butter, bread, sponge cake (wahh really this thing can eat cake?) , chicken breast ('steamed' one, not fried one). There's even pet shops that sell pellet specially made for hermit crab. So I cant wait to go and shop new stuffs for Riki and try to feed Riki with other kind of food. :D Here is Riki's pic.

From what I've read as well, hermit is a social creature and lives in a large group, so since Riki's currently living alone, I plan to buy another one to be his friend (actually I dont really know whether Riki is a male or otherwise :P). What shud I name the future friend of Riki eh? Hehehe.

Btw, to keep a hermit crab. You will need the following items.

1. 2ft glass tank (can also use plastic tank) with covered tank lid
2. Beach sand / crushed coral sand
3. 1 feeding dish (can use sea shells)
4. 2 small bowl (1 for freshwater & 1 for saltwater) - can use sea shells as well
5. Red Sea brand sea salt.
6. Some sea shells of various sizes
(preferably same size or slightly larger than what the hermit crab is currently using)
7. Driftwood (for hermit crab to climb or hide)
8. Aquarium lighting
9. Aquarium fan with on/off switch. (optional)
10. Thermometer, humidity reader (optional)

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Current MP3 Playlist

Currently I have an obsession on a few songs that I kept playing them at work, in the car and everywhere possible. The melody and lyrics are good and suits my current mood. You might wanna try to listen to these songs too ^_^

1. Ungu - Penghujung Cintaku
2. Tompi - Tak Pernah Setengah Hati
3. ST12 - Saat Terakhir
4. ST12 - Jangan Pernah Berubah
5. Fina AF9 - Menangis Lagi
6. Geisha - Cinta dan Benci
7. Katharine McPhee - Terrified
8. Alif Satar - Lelaki Seperti Aku
9. Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera - Move Like Jagger
10. Afgan - Panah Asmara
11. Padi - Tempat Terakhir
12. Ungu - Dirimu Satu
13. Seventeen - Hal Terakhir
14. Wali - Doaku Untukmu Sayang
15. Judika - Bukan Dia Tapi Aku

Song 3, 4, 7, I heard it from someone i like (well of course not just because of that, the songs are nice too :P ). Song 9 mebe under the influence of The Voice series where I tend to love Maroon 5 and Christina songs lately. The rest I downloaded from the internet based on current hit song in the music chart. There are a lot more but this is the top 15 i like most. But this is not in order of my liking, just to list out. If I am to suggest, I would recommend 8 and 10 for a bit fast and catchy tracks, 12 and 14 for 'jiwang2' (romance) mode, 5 and 6 for 'lara2' (heartbroken) mode perhaps. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

'Make Iftar Modest' - Els Huybrechts

I guess it is not too late to come out with puasa spending log for Iftar and Sahur. So in this post I will list my 1st 10 days of spending during puasa. Hopefully i will not overspent this year thus keeping the fasting purpose of 'bersederhana' intact. Here are my list of spending. :)

Day Iftar
1 10 5 Iftar: Nasi Beriyani, Sahur: Maggi Goreng
2 3.5 3 Iftar: Nasi Kerabu, Sahur: Mee Goreng
3 6 0 Iftar: Nasi Campur, Sahur: Koko Krunch
4 0 0 Iftar: Roti Telur, Sahur: Koko Krunch
5 8 5 Iftar: Nasi Beriyani, Sahur: Maggi Goreng
6 6 3 Iftar: Nasi Campur + kuih, Sahur: Laksa
7 11 0 Iftar: Nasi Goreng Tomyam, Sahur: Milo
8 14 0 Iftar: BK Blackpepper
9 4 0 Iftar: Nasi Dagang
10 5 0 Iftar: Roti John + Kuih

Total: 83.50 (for ten days) with average of RM8.35 for both sahur and iftar which is so-so considering the fact that I skipped sahur (due to overslept) for the past 4 days. I shud do better.

Reading an article from the online news, it is such a shame to me that a non-Muslim woman who fast during Ramadhan take a huge action to educate people with her 'Make Iftar Modest' campaign. So, we need to rethink before we buy, plan earlier so that we can grab only what we want to eat instead of ending up buying almost everything.

P/S: However, tonite i will have iftar with my frens at Flaming Steamboat Sunway, ironic isnt it? Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Tonite's an exception cuz a good ol' friend of mine is in town so he wants to have our iftar there. So after tonite, I hope i can be more modest in spending for Iftar. Well, better late than never rite? :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to get urself warmer? (not hotter)

Do you remember the days in the office where the air-condition is running at 10 degree Celcius, you forget to bring your lynx-fur coat or so-called poncho to keep urself warm, and to make it worse and more unlucky, it was raining the whole day. One might call it Glacier day and another would name it Monsoon, whatever it is called it feel so cold that snowy Paris doesnt even look tempting anymore. Like it or not, no any air-conditioned office dweller can ever escape from the shivering effect.

As an experienced, I have discovered/learned a few tricks in order to cheat these days:

1. Hid your palms under your thigh, it will keep it warm and u will feel less cold since as human, we have a lot of cold receptor on our palms (but this will keep your hand occupied, so do this when u r using your hand the least such as, reading thru documentation, journal, or blog - well mebe just for the later :D).

2. If u r using computer, u might notice, when it operates, it emits heat. So why waste? Go green! recycle! Hahaha. (For laptop users, u might wanna know that the part where contains the most heat is at the bottom of your laptop, so you might wanna carefully lift it up and put in on your palm. Also try the fan part where it ventilates the heat out, handy rite?).

3. Do you know that the hand dryer inside the washroom is not invented to only dry your wet hand. It also can be used to heat yourself during such wintry disaster in the office (although the effect doesnt last long, it can save parts of your body from getting frost-bitten).

4. High speed typing can keep your fingers warmer. When you move your finger, it will generate heat from you body keeping it warm (so do sumthing that can make u type at fast speed such as chatting - LOL).

5. Do you know the area which is warmer in your office surrounding? The staircase area. Spend a few minutes there and u'll be guaranteed a warmer atmosphere. In addition, you can try to climb up and down flight of stairs to self-generate heat. Its also a good practice to burn out your calorie intake.

6. Go to the pantry where warm water is dispensed. Pour some inside your mug and voila! it become a portable palm-heater (be careful not to accidentally drink the content during Ramadhan).

Happy trying :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waiting Challenge - K.O.

A Malay phrase - "penantian itu satu penyiksaan" or a quote saying "waiting is painful" is proven right when i decided to wait on sumthing i know i cant patiently take. The decision to proceed with that challenge, which is done merely with the intention to play hard to get, backfired somehow.

I cant believe that I would fall that easy, given that i have pride and confidence in my determination and mental strength recently. I've:

- finished a 10km run (despite lacking any kind of training or exercise)
- conquered a mountain (despite never hiking any real mountain before)
- finished a 12.3km run (despite having to run on my own - since my best friend cannot make it that day - not really on my own as i have 1 company but i did finish the run without him by my side)
- managed to secure my fasting day (despite eaten very little for the previous 'buka puasa' and not having anything for 'sahur')

haha... and the list goes on. Yeah it sounds ridiculous but the point is i can be very determined to do something and will try my best to nail it. But for this challenge, i feel weak, i dun have the strength to go on, i'm tortured like mad. Not mentioning i developed an automatic reaction that makes me check my phone every 15 minutes, check my FB every possible hour. I even became more alert and sensitive towards Nokia ringing and sms tones. This must be a very tough one.

K.O. after 1-day of challenge.

Monday, August 8, 2011

iS iT a DrEaM CoMe TrUe Or JuSt A DrEaM aFTeR aLL

Something is happening recently and I'm really enjoying it. I kinda waited for almost three years for it to happen, or mebe i didnt wait, but I did, at least once, hope/wish this will happen back then, the moment I happened to know someone.

A fren said that I have to 'berpijak di bumi nyata' and not to get drowned in my own created dream while i personally (mebe just one character of my many personalities) thought that what i am having is the reality and what i am planning to have in the future is the dream to be chased, that I should grab the chance to pursue my dream especially when the opening is just a stone's throw away. And that's what i am planning to do despite it is too early to decide and it involves too many possibilities.

Another fren advised me to go for it despite my quite-disallowed condition, quoting risk-return trade-off principle that potential return rises with an increase in risk. Deep down inside, a part inside me tell me not to, and another tell me to give it a chance.

I'm still split between the two... to go or not to go (i did went further). But i feel its such a big waste if i let it get slipped out of my hand. I dunno...

A dream makes life worth living
A dream gives you purpose
A dream gives you focus
A dream gives you ideas
A dream gives you inspiration
A dream gives you determination
A dream gives you tenacity
A dream gives you passion
A dream gives you vision
A dream makes you see possibilities
A dream helps you overcome challenges
A dream broadens your horizons
A dream gives you fulfilment
A dream gives you abilities
A dream gives you ambitions...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How it feels...

Do u know how it feels:

When you like someone at your first sight and cant seem to forget about him(her) ever since?
When that person is with somebody you know and you can only observe from afar?
When he(she) has an effort to connect to you but it is halted as he had his other commitment?
When you r about to accept the fact that he's with someone when he come to you with a welcoming friendly gesture?
When he show his interest in you despite having someone else, but you r tied you cant even do anything?
When you share with him that you like someone without telling him that the person you like is actually him?
When he tell you that you are cute and adorable when you never think that way about urself?
When after 2 years knowing each other, both of you meet and still are fond of each other?
When by that time, he's available and you are with someone else?
When you 1st time spending hours talking and laughing at each others joke after long time of friendship?
When he give you a long hug where u dun wanna release it as both of you are going back?
When he texted you saying he had a great nite with you and you tell him you did too?
When you hold his hand and he hold yours back?
When both of you stare into each others eyes?

How I wish it is meaningfully real...