Friday, August 12, 2011

'Make Iftar Modest' - Els Huybrechts

I guess it is not too late to come out with puasa spending log for Iftar and Sahur. So in this post I will list my 1st 10 days of spending during puasa. Hopefully i will not overspent this year thus keeping the fasting purpose of 'bersederhana' intact. Here are my list of spending. :)

Day Iftar
1 10 5 Iftar: Nasi Beriyani, Sahur: Maggi Goreng
2 3.5 3 Iftar: Nasi Kerabu, Sahur: Mee Goreng
3 6 0 Iftar: Nasi Campur, Sahur: Koko Krunch
4 0 0 Iftar: Roti Telur, Sahur: Koko Krunch
5 8 5 Iftar: Nasi Beriyani, Sahur: Maggi Goreng
6 6 3 Iftar: Nasi Campur + kuih, Sahur: Laksa
7 11 0 Iftar: Nasi Goreng Tomyam, Sahur: Milo
8 14 0 Iftar: BK Blackpepper
9 4 0 Iftar: Nasi Dagang
10 5 0 Iftar: Roti John + Kuih

Total: 83.50 (for ten days) with average of RM8.35 for both sahur and iftar which is so-so considering the fact that I skipped sahur (due to overslept) for the past 4 days. I shud do better.

Reading an article from the online news, it is such a shame to me that a non-Muslim woman who fast during Ramadhan take a huge action to educate people with her 'Make Iftar Modest' campaign. So, we need to rethink before we buy, plan earlier so that we can grab only what we want to eat instead of ending up buying almost everything.

P/S: However, tonite i will have iftar with my frens at Flaming Steamboat Sunway, ironic isnt it? Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Tonite's an exception cuz a good ol' friend of mine is in town so he wants to have our iftar there. So after tonite, I hope i can be more modest in spending for Iftar. Well, better late than never rite? :)

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