Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waiting Challenge - K.O.

A Malay phrase - "penantian itu satu penyiksaan" or a quote saying "waiting is painful" is proven right when i decided to wait on sumthing i know i cant patiently take. The decision to proceed with that challenge, which is done merely with the intention to play hard to get, backfired somehow.

I cant believe that I would fall that easy, given that i have pride and confidence in my determination and mental strength recently. I've:

- finished a 10km run (despite lacking any kind of training or exercise)
- conquered a mountain (despite never hiking any real mountain before)
- finished a 12.3km run (despite having to run on my own - since my best friend cannot make it that day - not really on my own as i have 1 company but i did finish the run without him by my side)
- managed to secure my fasting day (despite eaten very little for the previous 'buka puasa' and not having anything for 'sahur')

haha... and the list goes on. Yeah it sounds ridiculous but the point is i can be very determined to do something and will try my best to nail it. But for this challenge, i feel weak, i dun have the strength to go on, i'm tortured like mad. Not mentioning i developed an automatic reaction that makes me check my phone every 15 minutes, check my FB every possible hour. I even became more alert and sensitive towards Nokia ringing and sms tones. This must be a very tough one.

K.O. after 1-day of challenge.

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