Monday, August 8, 2011

iS iT a DrEaM CoMe TrUe Or JuSt A DrEaM aFTeR aLL

Something is happening recently and I'm really enjoying it. I kinda waited for almost three years for it to happen, or mebe i didnt wait, but I did, at least once, hope/wish this will happen back then, the moment I happened to know someone.

A fren said that I have to 'berpijak di bumi nyata' and not to get drowned in my own created dream while i personally (mebe just one character of my many personalities) thought that what i am having is the reality and what i am planning to have in the future is the dream to be chased, that I should grab the chance to pursue my dream especially when the opening is just a stone's throw away. And that's what i am planning to do despite it is too early to decide and it involves too many possibilities.

Another fren advised me to go for it despite my quite-disallowed condition, quoting risk-return trade-off principle that potential return rises with an increase in risk. Deep down inside, a part inside me tell me not to, and another tell me to give it a chance.

I'm still split between the two... to go or not to go (i did went further). But i feel its such a big waste if i let it get slipped out of my hand. I dunno...

A dream makes life worth living
A dream gives you purpose
A dream gives you focus
A dream gives you ideas
A dream gives you inspiration
A dream gives you determination
A dream gives you tenacity
A dream gives you passion
A dream gives you vision
A dream makes you see possibilities
A dream helps you overcome challenges
A dream broadens your horizons
A dream gives you fulfilment
A dream gives you abilities
A dream gives you ambitions...

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