Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How it feels...

Do u know how it feels:

When you like someone at your first sight and cant seem to forget about him(her) ever since?
When that person is with somebody you know and you can only observe from afar?
When he(she) has an effort to connect to you but it is halted as he had his other commitment?
When you r about to accept the fact that he's with someone when he come to you with a welcoming friendly gesture?
When he show his interest in you despite having someone else, but you r tied you cant even do anything?
When you share with him that you like someone without telling him that the person you like is actually him?
When he tell you that you are cute and adorable when you never think that way about urself?
When after 2 years knowing each other, both of you meet and still are fond of each other?
When by that time, he's available and you are with someone else?
When you 1st time spending hours talking and laughing at each others joke after long time of friendship?
When he give you a long hug where u dun wanna release it as both of you are going back?
When he texted you saying he had a great nite with you and you tell him you did too?
When you hold his hand and he hold yours back?
When both of you stare into each others eyes?

How I wish it is meaningfully real...

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