Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to get urself warmer? (not hotter)

Do you remember the days in the office where the air-condition is running at 10 degree Celcius, you forget to bring your lynx-fur coat or so-called poncho to keep urself warm, and to make it worse and more unlucky, it was raining the whole day. One might call it Glacier day and another would name it Monsoon, whatever it is called it feel so cold that snowy Paris doesnt even look tempting anymore. Like it or not, no any air-conditioned office dweller can ever escape from the shivering effect.

As an experienced, I have discovered/learned a few tricks in order to cheat these days:

1. Hid your palms under your thigh, it will keep it warm and u will feel less cold since as human, we have a lot of cold receptor on our palms (but this will keep your hand occupied, so do this when u r using your hand the least such as, reading thru documentation, journal, or blog - well mebe just for the later :D).

2. If u r using computer, u might notice, when it operates, it emits heat. So why waste? Go green! recycle! Hahaha. (For laptop users, u might wanna know that the part where contains the most heat is at the bottom of your laptop, so you might wanna carefully lift it up and put in on your palm. Also try the fan part where it ventilates the heat out, handy rite?).

3. Do you know that the hand dryer inside the washroom is not invented to only dry your wet hand. It also can be used to heat yourself during such wintry disaster in the office (although the effect doesnt last long, it can save parts of your body from getting frost-bitten).

4. High speed typing can keep your fingers warmer. When you move your finger, it will generate heat from you body keeping it warm (so do sumthing that can make u type at fast speed such as chatting - LOL).

5. Do you know the area which is warmer in your office surrounding? The staircase area. Spend a few minutes there and u'll be guaranteed a warmer atmosphere. In addition, you can try to climb up and down flight of stairs to self-generate heat. Its also a good practice to burn out your calorie intake.

6. Go to the pantry where warm water is dispensed. Pour some inside your mug and voila! it become a portable palm-heater (be careful not to accidentally drink the content during Ramadhan).

Happy trying :)

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