Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Being responsive is to readily reacting or replying to people or events or stimuli. To be responsive is good when it is practiced and implemented in TIMELY and CORRECT manner. If it is incorrectly addressed, it might produce bad consequences based on the 'lousiness' of the feedback given. If it does addressed correctly but not timely, it might be just a waste of effort that change nothing  in the end.

However, at times, being responsive is just not enough. When this happens, to be initiative comes in handy. To be initiative is to act or strategize in advance in expecting something or to improve a situation. It also can be said as an effort shown by one party in approaching another in any kind of relationship (towards each other - as in approaching someone for a relationship or against each other - as in to be the 1st to strike in a fight/war).

In a relationship that involves two parties, both responsiveness and initiative are needed in communication but to be applied interchangeably depending on the situation. If one party just sit idle and only being responsive when triggered, that doesnt really sounds like a good relationship, it is more like a human-computer interaction where the computer do things only when triggered by human using it. Both parties need to be initiative and at the same time responsive to each other to create a very effective and harmony communication medium.

And here i am talking about these responsive and initiative craps... What am I thinking? Well, sorry peeps, u guys surely see me 'meroyan' a lot these days. LOL.

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