Monday, September 19, 2011

Broga Revisited - Malaysia Day Trip

 "Inilah barisan kitaaa....yang ikhlas mendaki... ". Haha so much of a patriotic entry soundtrack. Whatever. The Broga plan which supposed to sound like:

 "We will wake up at 4.30am and prepare our fried mee hoon and sandwiches, depart from home around 5.15am and expected to reach by 5.45am. To reach the 1st peak around 6.30am and still can enjoy the post-sunrise beauty while it is still a tad dark. Then we will enjoy our breakfast on the 1st peak while scanning for eye-candy that might possibly passing by."

Turned out to be like:

We woke up at 6am (so looong sunrise *waving with white handkerchief*). Rushed ourselves to bath n dress accordingly. We didnt even have time to prepare our so-called sandwiches, let alone to cook fried mee hoon. *LOL. Departed from home at around 6.20pm, arrived at 6.50pm, its already bright we dun even need the headlamp anymore. As we started to climb up, there were few who already going down from Broga but that did not demotivate the four of us who happily chat all the way up.

The climb up doesnt take long, around 30 minutes as we dun have to queue since by this time, most of the visitor already reached the 1st peak. We had a few pit stops just to take picture and took a fresh breathe. Approaching the 1st peak (where the climb can be quite mentally challenged for a few with acrophobia, one of us insisted not to continue as the slope seems too steep for him to handle. After several attempts to persuade him to continue to the top resulted in failure, the rest of us decided to leave him there and continue to the top. There were a lot of people going up and down at the slope, via 4 routes for both going up and down. The routes are not dedicated exclusively for either way so it can be very crowded at peak time that sometimes we need to move aside to give way to the others who come from the opposite way. If the day before was raining, the slope can be quite slippery and hikers need to be extra careful.

I continued hiking to the highest peak of Broga leaving the other two behind. There were a lot of people having fun and enjoying their moment on Broga that day. Upon reacing the highest peak, I had to wait for about 15 minutes before i can climb on the 'only' way up to the top as there was a group of school children accompanied by their teachers are occupying the way. I didnt spend much time on top. I asked one girl to take my picture with the 'Welcome to Bukit Broga 400m' signboard and straight away went down to catch back with my frens as I left our breakfast with them. 

I did took a few photograph and after reunited with the other two, we did a few jump shots plus a few controversial shots as well. The plan to have breakfast on Broga have to be cancelled as my acrophobic frens earlier texted us that he's goin back to the car. So we quickly go down not wanting him to have a long wait for us downhill. Unluckily for one of my friends, he fell and sprained his ankle (while scanning on a few random guys walking by! serves u right hahaha... ). But with that, we had to move down very slowly to accomodate him. After 30 minutes, we arrived at the car just to be greeted by a small wild flower wraith hand-made by my acrophobic friend. 

It was a quick trip but all of us are very satisfied as we did improve our time going up and we surely took a lot of nice pics too. Surely we'll come again and again to the Fascinating Broga :)

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